Friday, January 08, 2010

My Freedom to have Allah

My name is Linus Chung. I am a Catholic, has been for 29 years and will be.

I respect the Muslims and have many friends who professes the Islam faith.
But please respect my freedom to choose my spirituality and to call my God it Micheal Jackson, Mahathir or even Allah.It is the search for spirituality that is important and not the definition.Religion is just a language to understand Godliness and is not Godliness itself.

Nama saya Linus Chung. Saya beragama Katholik untuk 29 tahun dan akan terus beragama Katholik. Saya menghormati orang Muslim yang menganut agama Islam. Saya mempunyai ramai kawan Muslim. Saya meminta agar mereka menghormati bahawa saya mempunyai kebebasan memilih agama saya dan boleh memanggil Tuhan saya dengan apa apa nama sesuka hati saya biarpun ianya Micheal Jackson, Mahathir atau Allah.

Yang pentingnya kami semua mempunyai kepercayaan Tuhan bukan sekadar melawan satu sama lain kerana satu perkataan. Agama itu adalah satu cara untuk mencari Allah dan bukan Allah semata-mata.

My name is Linus Chung. I am a Catholic, has been for 29 years and will be. Problem is I am a Catholic in Malaysia.


syaza said...

Hey, I respect every religion the same and I am a Muslim but seeing whats been going now is really sad. I don't really think they are fighting for the name of God. I think they are just fighting for power. They can have whatever they want but the others can't. The Catholics are asking the permission in proper manner but those who oppose are just ridiculous. I'm really upset and ashamed. Allah, said we shouldn't destroy any house of worship and we should respect other religions but these people are just being ridiculous. I hope I don't see bloods and bodies on the roads really. Burning down churches can actually cause harm to people. I hope nothing worse will happen though. To think again even if the court approves, it wouldn't actually affect their lives, the ones that oppose I mean. I hope its gets better.

Ashed_Dreams said...

Well, they started it first... indirectly declaring war on good people.

Linus Linnaeus said...

sometimes ashed dreams...people forget peace take as much initiative as's about our inner self really...forgiveness is truly divine because it is hard but it is so needed today.

Xion said...

Linus, why your a Catholic in Malaysia is a problem??

afams-chan said...

I actually don't mind if Allah is used in the bible. This is from my point of view.

Correct me if I'm wrong. I believe that there is no word 'Allah' stated in English Bible (or is it because 'someone' control the use of the word?). But in Indonesia, the word Allah is commonly used including the name of prophets like David (translated to Daud), Isaac (to Ishak), Musa (Moses) and so on.

But if in Arab country like Mesir, Turkey etc where Arabic language is used, the word Allah represent God. And if I'm not mistaken, their bible too is in Arabic language. So words like Allah, Ishak, Daud, Musa are used(If I'm not mistaken because I heard from a friend who is a Christian and visited Egypt last time) And it's been used for many centuries including Christian.

And I'm upset about the news of churches attacked (burnt). The action was so immature and the person should be ashamed! Even in Quran, we (Muslim) are forbidden to attack n ruined worship places even when we're in war!

And I don't like this issue being played for politic interest. This is about people's belief, not people's interest

Linus Linnaeus said...

thank you guys.... the news.

Friday when the first churches were attacked, I drove down to kampung baru subang with my big cruficix dangling on my car. I saw durians.Calmly, I parked my car and went down to buy some. I was greeted by the Malay sellers courteously. They also gave me good durians. I asked if they have an issue with me using Allah. None.Glory be to Allah. They wish me goodnite. Stop firing the flame UMN0 fu**s...there's hope!



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