Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today over lunch...a friend showed me a message from another friend.

Half an hour ago... XXX(name withheld) passed away.

and when i asked why...another text message came in.She had committed suicide.No other facts known at this point.

Well, I don't know how to feel. I feel sympathy for my friend to whom she was dear to. And I wondered what would have been so bad as to drive someone to depression and then to take her life.She was a young girl only 24 with a whole life ahead of her . Later I found out she committed the act because a boy whom she love is behaving oddly.

Suicide is a major sin in most religion from Islam to Christianity to Judaism to Buddhism to Hinduism. see here.

I know how frustrating life can be and I like living ready to die, as not be be abruptly cut off when my time is up but but i find it quite sad that there are people who are so insecure about themselves or so unhappy to the point that they'll kill themselves. In this case I also find it equally sad that people have no sense of another's feeling even when in a relationship that they'll do something to hurt the one they are supposed to love...

Maybe I am blessed. To have friends, to have a life which makes me smile...to have work that I feel is worth doing.

On the departed's facebook wall, there's a flood of well wishes and rest in peace...but honestly...aside from comforting the grieving, what's the point now when a life has been lost.So I think in her memory it's more important to put something here...to possibly help anyone contemplating anything similiar...

Friend...should life ever get the better of you and you feel like ending it don't...for life to get better...you have to stay alive. If you feel particularly nasty...and the thought has crossed your mind, go to a window...look upon the sky. God, your creator is there.

Say this simple prayer...

Lord. I am unhappy and sad.please help me and bring comfort to my hurting heart.Please help me see joy and wonder where there is now but pain and anguish. Lord help me your child.

Also call your friends...and talk things over.Very often...things are not as bad as they seem.


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