Saturday, January 16, 2010

I once said I believe. Allah.

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Don't they get it? It's not about overzealous rhetoric or screaming your lungs out in a war cry at some's about faith...personal...small and deeply Allah. Amidst all the heated religious debacle in my country,Dennis recently asked me. "If you have to die admitting you are Catholic. Will you ?"

I answered yes.

He looked suprised...almost impressed.

I added..."Then maybe it's time to die. We all die anyway...better die for a cause."

I don't understand why am I being prosecuted for wanting to try and be good and by believing in Allah. Maybe it will help if I explain my Allah to others.So they can stop holding false accusations and saying things as stupid as "Allah takkan beranak..." making utter primitive primates of themselves.

I became a Catholic follower of Allah because my grandfather was the favourite child of his family. When his father(my great grandfather died) he was thrown out by his jealous brothers. He was in his early teens.homeless without a penny to his name

He went to many schools....the Anglicans told my an Anglican and we'll help you.

My grandfather refused to convert...

He went to a Catholic school....the priest told my need help,let us help u.

My grandfather ask if he has to convert. Priest says no, my grandfather took up the faith to follow Allah on his own accord many years later.

Today my family still hold the Catholic faith and believe in Allah.

Allah has given me many things...

Sometimes...I do loose my faith...but i keep on praying...even when i have to say...Allah, if you are there...please help me find you.
I am a sinner in many ways.
People get it wrong that it's about being's about being forgiven.
People think it's about an answer...when it is about the questions.
People think it's about one word Allah...when it's all about faith in itself

Why are you dictating my faith...

May Allah's blessings be upon those firing the flames of religious hatred instead of promoting religious growth in understanding and learning from one another. Amen.

This is a the Our Father. The most important prayer in Catholicism in Malay.

Bapa kami yang di syurga, Dimuliakanlah nama-Mu, datanglah Kerajaan-Mu, jadilah kehendak-Mu diatas bumi ini seperti di syurga. Berikanlah kami pada hari ini rezeki kami dan ampunilah dosa kami, seperti kami juga mengampuni orang yang berdosa terhadap kami; dan janganlah membawa kami ke dalam pencubaan, tetapi lepaskanlah kami dari pada yang jahat. [Matius 6:9-13]

As you can see my friend of other religion...the prayer that I say above regularly is simply a pray to honour him and his kingdom, to ask him for his blessings, to forgive those who have sinned against me and to ask from an escape of prosecution.

I do not want to convert a Muslim...God is for him to find...and it is not for me to judge if he finds the right God.

I once said...i believe and i always will.

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