Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I asked Allah whether there is hope for the country in my prayers.

Yesterday, I went for my usual 4km thrice weekly run at taman tun park at 6pm. Anyone staying around the area will know it rained very heavy by 6.30pm. I was caught in the rain about 1.2km from my house. Exhausted from running 4km but used to the rain I didn't seek shelter but continued walking home along the road.

By the time i got home. I had a big smile on my face. There is hope for my country

On the way home.three cars stopped, the driver offered me a ride home. I declined because I was wet anyway. Two of three cars had the holy quran on the dashboard. One had a pendant with the muslim prayer for safe journey.

Thank you my muslim brothers. We are all one under the abrahamic religion. We all seek a good life, god's abundant blessings and peace. To Allah be the glory.


Xion said...

Wow, its good to know that our country is not as dark as we heard. = )
May good fortune lies in those good heart people.

afams-chan said...

Xion, it only become complicated when this issue is played for politic interest...

And this made me sad



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