Thursday, January 27, 2005

For my love...

My friend Frances blogged..."This is my very first time watching a movie myself..blah blah..But anyway, I'm glad I did go for it and went in alone too. One thing bad about watching the movie yourself is that you are not able to share it with someone else and you've the feeling of laughing to yourself. That's why, I'm writing this here or I'll most probably burst."

Evocative huh? Curious how that silly hall with a piece of celluliod running across a bright lamp can concoct such a reaction and a myriad of feelings?

The cinema is often more than just mere entertainment despite how some might see it as decadent and empty or worse, morally degrading. I am still at a loss when my grandma who would watch all those chinese opera on TV ( a minisculed version of the cinema in a convenient take away) can oppose to my career of choice...hey grandma, someone has to produce that show no?

So why is it that people still do not look up at the cinema? why is it often disregarded for what it is? I have a doctor friend who says life can go on without the cinema despite him curiously hoarding up a bunch of DVDs. Wonder what those are for? shelve decoration? Doctors do have odd tastes... Yes, I can go on...but as our mudane city living bleeches life out of life, very often the cinema is a much needed stimuli of pain and pleasure.

Strangely I disagree with my friend, yes it's wonderful to be clucthing a loved one, your heart breathing in sync as the cinema evokes emotions but I feel sometimes a cinema is better enjoyed alone. In Kuching I can walk in to an almost completely empty cinema...then in the calm quite I can be my words I would describe it as...

Am in a darkened hall...all alone. No friends nor family with me. But strangely I feel a warmth sweeping over me and am truly happy. Then a light... in me, suddenly a laugh, a smile, a scream, a ponder and a tear...I know why I love what I love and doing what I am doing.


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lishun said...

to me cinema is a very personal experience. very often i come out from a movie with nothing to discuss with my friends because i end up with thoughts that are weird or i noticed details that they didn't...and we'd end up fighting because my experience was different from theirs. still, i cannot stand watching a movie alone. somehow having someone next to me allows me to osmose my thoughts with them...and in reality we've shared something unspoken in the dark of the cinema. it's hard to explain la.



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