Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Royal Crickety Orchestra....

Yes, I am up early due to back pain...but at least today I hear the sound of crickets...up on the 10th floor of my sterile square as a square can be apartment here in it's all about work and money kuala lumpur.

cric...cric...cric...the sweet sounds...though I know for a fact some would take it as a great annoyance...my roomate shut their room door last night in an attempt to block out the sounds...hahaha...but appreciation is all subjective isn't it? Like how I emphazised in my last post on how people don't appreciate pain until they are in pain?

But anyway...what I have in mind right now is different...I am not a communist but I am pondering the existance of hierachy or status...how I get that thought, over the sounds of crickets you might say?

Well...it's fairly simple...I bought the crickets to increase protein consumpstion...for my fellow frogs in my fish tank that is...that makes me wonder, you know how people pay huge sums of money for really expensive fish like the arowanas or that dumb looking thing that still become a craze like the flowerhorn? Well,howabout the little fishes you buy for a dollar a dozen to feed these fishes? How fair is life that some are born as pet feed like these and others pets...how fair is it that cows and chicken are born for slaughter while dog enjoy life as family pets...how fair is it that some are born labourers and others are born kings? At least as humans, we can move up the ladder to greater success and bring ourselves out of our circumstances...circumstances that we are in possibly due to the actions of our ancestors...some animals, take these crickets, are born merely as little crittle that serve as fresh food for frogs like us...or for people as in thailand...

Cric...cric...cric..cric...Wouldn't it be nice to be more...say a cricket having the life of a pet dog..cared for and all...(but then in china and japan, emperors do keep crickets in luxurious cages)

Cric....cric...cric...cric. How I wish I didn't have to see my orchestra being goobled up...but hey...a frog's gotta eat when a frog gotta eat.



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