Sunday, January 30, 2005

Making Awe at Miniscule

The print numbered 12/20 above is from a student artist. His name is Khayril Anwar B. Khairudin. The print is a bit dirty and it is framed merely with a mounting board. However, it just struck me and held my attention.

The boy sitting plainly is very serene and comforting. The boy’s keen observation of what in his fingers making awe at a miniscule tickled me, my curiosity making me want to stare as keenly, sharing in his wonder. The more intricate design behind him, the gestural motive from an impression of grill webbing added a complexity to the visual, a sweet flavour to the plain ‘simpleton’ qualities of the fore. The pictorial as a whole also had a warmth evening light feeling from the way it was lit. Dark shadows in the fore accompanied this, giving it a strong base by which to hold everything in place.

I bought this print as I had a little bit of money to spare. It didn’t cost much but that’s not to say it’s not worth anything more, just that I can afford it.

I do not claim in anyway to be an art critic but I enjoyed this print in this manner and I hope you enjoy it in your own share in the comment below. My brother and friend in their own way said ‘Dude…it’s scary. It’s like Ju-On!!!’

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