Wednesday, January 26, 2005

To Live and Die in an Aquarium

Some of my friends have asked me,"isn't it cruel to keep frogs in a four sided glass tank?" I don't think so, otherwise I wouldn't subject them to such torture. I think on the contrary, they live a life of luxury.My friend then beg to differ, "but they don't have any freedom...they don't have any adventure." In actuality, most frogs stay in the cover of shade, like under a rock by day and go out roaming to feed by night.They ussualy come back to the same crevice to pass the day again tommorow.
My frogs stay in a tank where there are no sharp rocks which could cut their soft skin, they have a little pump to circulate the pool of water and there is a slanted slate by which they can crawl up to a pit of gravel where they can burrow. In the tank, there's a plant to provide a little decoration in natural foliage. Food arrives everyday in form of mealworms and crickets.

In many ways, I feel we live our lifes in aquariums too. The borders to the dictates of our wallet and the general condition to the dictates of our city council whom we in moments of frenzy during the election elect.These same people form the government that confines us to a certain normality and set out rules and regulations by which we should live... Given...we do decide for ourselves what defines our aquarium but we are also required to work to earn the rights to live in this 'aquarium' life whereas my frogs just have to live and eat. They do get to roam round the aquarium which I change now and then to introduce new elements.

So is it really that bad to live and die in an Aquarium?

Ever so often, I wonder what's life about? sometimes I get depressed sometimes I get hopeful...then I totally forget the question and go on living. Am I happy? well not jumpingly so but neither am I sad either... but I guess that's all part of the mystery of life...

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